Simon said:

>Every fly is an insect. every insect is an arthropod. every arthropod
>is an animal.

That is not the common understanding of "animal".

Not all animals eat either other animals or plants.  Some animals
(including humans) eat both.
As I said, I have the same problem with your presuppositions that I
have with those of FRBR and RDA.  They depart from common language
usage, and don't correspond to reality.  Perhaps most disciplines do
that; theologians often say "world" when they mean "universe".
RDA's misuses "computer" and abandons terms which have served us well
(e.g. main entry); Bibframe uses "instance" when we had just come to
accept "manifestation".  What say we go back to "edition"?
Margaret Mann managed to express her self in plain English.

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