Mark said:

>There is no such designator in RDA.  It's "composer (expression)," which I
>believe you export to your clients as simply "composer".

It is in the registry:
"Element Sets: RDA Roles
Elements:  Composer of Music for Sound Film

"Label:  Composer of Music for Sound Film
Name:   composerOfMusicForSoundFilm

It is also in the version of RDA to which I have access at

"For Example:
   film producer
   film director
   composer of music for sound film"

Seems to me in a record for a film, "producer", "director", and "composer"
would be enough, just as "actor" as opposed to "film actor" is clear.

Perhaps you looked in the wrong list?  One list in alphabetic order
would be much easier, perhaps coded for use with one or more of WEMI?

>If the intent is to use URIs to describe relationships currently depicted
>by our current use of MARC relator codes ...

The URIs lead to terms in English.  The $4 MARC codes can be exported
in any language.

So much of RDA and Bibframe is Anglocentric.  I wonder if our Quebec,
European, and Asian clients would accept Bibframe XML markup in
English?  They would certainaly not accept English inclusions in
records for non English resources.

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