26.11.2012 22:58, Sally McCallum wrote, referring to the question

 >> "Before engaging in heated debates about all sorts of big issues as
 >> well as detail, we need to know who will eventually be the owner
 >> of BIBFRAME and in what form and under what conditions it will be
 >> made available: liberally like MARC, or under a global monopoly
 >> licensing scheme like RDA."

> You are right to pose the question, but, of course, it will be "liberally like MARC".

That is encouraging. There certainly is potential in BIBFRAME, and I
think we are all eager to see trial implementations, demonstrating
what it can do, and do better than MARC.
This will then be in stark contrast with RDA and its rigidly closed
business model. For once BIBFRAME takes off, it will have to
come across with seamless access to the underlying rules, and where
these are to be RDA, BIBFRAME's appeal as an open standard is bound to