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Not doing both is not a BIBFRAME question it's a cataloging workflow question. Is the information readily available? If not, how much time should be spent looking for it? I think the cataloging rules make the right decision when it comes to clear identification of a book: if you and I are holding the same Manifestation in our hands and we record what we see on the title page, then our metadata is going to "match" and we don't have to go beyond the title page to determine who the "real" publisher is.

We could record both but, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it may be very difficult to determine what corporate entity the publisher is since what you get on the title page may be the name of the imprint, not the name of the publisher. Example:

Bright lights, big city : a novel / by Jay McInerney
"Vintage Books is a publishing imprint founded in 1954 by Alfred A. Knopf. Its publishing list includes world literature, fiction, and non-fiction. Vintage is one of the biggest British publishing houses of trade paperbacks.

It was acquired by Random House publishing in April 1960, and now is a subdivision of Random House which is in turn owned by Bertelsmann, a German media conglomerate. In 1990 Vintage UK was set up in the United Kingdom. This division is independent from the American company although both are part of Random House."

If we were to start tomorrow to take in data from ONIX records for new books coming in and to use their publisher IDs then having both is a no-brainer. (I'm assuming ONIX records the publishing company as well as the imprint name.) Should we add a publisher ID when it *is* readily available? I think that's a question for a future that the cataloging rules do not currently address. But I'm assuming that BIBFRAME will allow it.


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I agree with Karen that publisher should be transcribed to allow
correct matching of record with item, not a controlled field.
Why must it be one or the other?

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