Under the Work description on p10
"Works can relate to other Works reflecting, for example, part / whole relationships."

I guess this is what we are talking about here?

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I had the same response, immediately thinking of things like collected stories (single or multiple authors) and serial issues. These are certainly fairly common in bibliographic metadata, and were not well handled in MARC or MODS. The FRBR model, though admittedly a complex beast, accommodated these materials, and gave some hope that there could be ways of handling those kinds of materials in ways that a machine could understand, rather than (as usual) depending on the human user to figure it out.

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Dear Everybody,

Colleagues have already expressed their concern about the vanishing of FRBR Expression entity in Zepheira's "BIBFRAME" model, but I was rather puzzled by this:

"Each BIBFRAME Instance is an instance of one and,only one BIBFRAME Work." P. 10.

What about (FRBR) Manifestations embodying more than one (FRBR) Work then? Will there be something like compound (BIBFRAME) instances? Or will the aggregation be done at the (BIBFRAME) Work level?

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