Accommodating RDA is an active area of development.  A few of the early experimenters mentioned in the announcement are, in fact, investigating how the BIBFRAME model, while remaining content standard agnostic, can meet the needs of RDA.  It is worth recalling that the "broad accommodation of content rules and data models" was the first requirement listed when the General Plan was announced in October 2011 [1].  The "accommodation of RDA" was chief among the content rules listed.  Nothing has changed with respect to this requirement.

It may be that an RDA Work and RDA Expression are bound up in a BIBFRAME Work, with BIBFRAME Instance being most closely associated to RDA Manifestation, and the notion of an Item captured as a BIBFRAME Holding, all as you surmise.  This is where qualitative community discussion about these important issues is crucial.  Thanks for getting it started.




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>   Creative Work - a resource reflecting a conceptual essence of the
> cataloging item.
>   Instance - a resource reflecting an individual, material embodiment
> of the Work.
>   Authority - a resource reflecting key authority concepts that have
> defined relationships reflected in the Work and Instance. Examples of
> Authority Resources include People, Places, Topics, Organizations, etc.
>   Annotation - a resource that decorates other BIBFRAME resources with
> additional information. Examples of such annotations include Library
> Holdings information, cover art and reviews.
> Are we to gather that RDA's "Work" is still a work, but that "Instance"
> replaces Manifestation, Expression is no more, and Item data is a part
> of annotation?  Will WIAA or CIAA be our new acronym, replacing WEMI?
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