I might be jumping the gun with some of these questions but just becuase I'm interested ...

From the Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data p.11
"Authorities are not designed to compete or replace existing authority efforts but rather provide a common, light weight abstraction layer over various different Web based authority efforts to make them even more effective."

From this it seems clear that it is intended that authorities can make use of existing linked data representations of LC authorities via The example Bibframe serialisation supports this:
<!-- BIBFRAME Topic -->
<Topic id="http://bibframe/auth/topic/bibliography">


  <hasIDLink resource=”” />


I did some work previously on linking to LCSH - see page 7 onwards of this presentation, and based on this experience this example prompts me to ask:

Is it expected that the Topic will include textual strings representing the subject as here?
The example here suggests that there is some structure (LCSH based) within the Topic - is that the case? How would ordering be dealt with?
Since only issues URIs for Authorised headings, how would valid but unauthorised headings be represented (this was the focus of my presentation)

Representing the topic as madsrdf could solve these problems?

Finally - just to pedantically note that is the URI for the LCSH Topical Term Bibiliography. The correct URI for Bibliography--Methodology is


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