Simon Spero wrote:

> 	(1) Everything which is eaten by something is a food.
> 	(2) Everything that a carnivore eats is an animal.  Everything that
> eats an animal is a carnivore.
> 	(3) Everything that a herbivore eats is a plant.  Everything that eats
> a plant is a herbivore.
> 	(4) Every fly  is an animal. Every antelope is an animal. Every flytrap
> is a plant.
> 	(5) Fred is a fly. Audrey is a flytrap.  Ann is an antelope. Noel is a
> grass.  Agatha is an antelope.
> 	(6) Audrey eats Fred. Ann eats Audrey.  Ann eats Noel.
>  Let's think about how this can be translated to OWL, then consider what
> other sentences are entailed.

Wow, this is like working on the MENSA quiz in the airline magazine on the way to an ALA conference!  ;)

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