Mac Elrod wrote:

> Roy asked:
> >> I agree with Karen that publisher should be transcribed to allow
> >> correct matching of record with item, not a controlled field.
> >
> >Why must it be one or the other?
> I remember Lubetsky's objection to redundancy.  I would not want to
> clutter the display with two different forms of the publisher's name,
> or even worse, the same form given twice.

As Stephen Hearn explained, what appears as duplication is not redundancy.  It's a coincidence.  This is absolutely no different than having the author's name appear in both 100 $a and 245 $c.  And in future setups, we probably won't be having the author's *name* as an access point in a bib record.  What we'll have is a a linked identifier, that points to the authoritative data for that entity.  For example, right now we have "Boeing Company" appearing the same in both the 710 $a and 260 $b in the record for a publication from Boeing.  And we have "Rolling Stones" appearing in both the 110 $a and 245 $c for a sound recording by the Rolling Stones.  But then we have "G., Kenny" in the 100 $a and "Kenny G" in the 245 $c for a sound recording by Kenny G.  Which of these is/are redundant?  If one or two are, why aren't all of them?

And as for display, what I envision is that we could end up coding descriptive and access metadata in such a way that the *transcribed* form of a name appears as an active link to the user, and that link includes the identifier.  Then "G., Kenny" might appear nowhere, nor the string "Kenny G" that is coming from the "authority" data.  Rather, what the user sees is ONLY the string "Kenny G" that is a transcription from the manifestation, which is linked up via the identifier to the authority data.  Just like on a web page, where a string of text is turned into an active link:  there's a URL in that hyperlink, but what's showing up to the reader as the link is only the text in the document being viewed, nothing from the link's target.  Whatever changes are made in the target document, nothing changes in document containing the link.

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