I'm back again.  We've been using EOS Web -- for our Base libraries for a
number of years.  We went to the web/cloud based system because of the
approval process for server based products; the lack of an approval process
for Web based systems and manpower issues. 

Suddenly, we've been told that we'll have to go through a
Certification/Accreditation process.   We are being told that we may have to
use either the FEDRAMP process
or the DIACAP process --  -- no one is sure what the
process actually will be -- they are scrutinizing cloud applications on a
case by case basis.    We'll be going through whatever they decide and by
doing so will get the EOS Web approved for all Navy Libraries but... what a

Now,  has this come up at any of your agencies?  Have any of you had to go
through a C&A process for EOS Web?  If so, would you please share



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