I wonder what is the best solution to mark a mods:name being the "et
al." part in a list of persons. The way I see it, the "usage" attribute
should be the best place. There is already a value "primary" defined to
mark the main author.

Are there any known mods profiles that mark mods:name entries as "et
al."? If not I would like to suggest that usage="et al." marks a
undefined list of names, where the real name of persons/corporations
could not, would not or can not be resolved. Leaving an entry fully
uncommented may result in loosing semantics in further transformation
processes or software that handle these cases.

This problem is similar to unknown persons where you have some
information for the description or affiliation. I would suggest that
these names should be marked as usage="unknown".

I am looking forward for any comments on this matter.


Thomas Scheffler