I am resigning from the MODS Editorial Committee, with immediate effect.


I joined the MODS Editorial Committee early in January 2011 in response to the call for expertise in "RDF representations, the effects of RDA and other  changes in library metadata world, Linked Data, shared vocabularies, and other emerging metadata trends in libraries and elsewhere" as part of the planning for MODS 4.0 and how it might benefit from a formal data model. Although I think we made good progress in 2011, there has been no substantive development of MODS/RDF or a data model since January this year. I have spoken to the Chair of the Editorial Committee, who is unable to say when MODS/RDF will reappear on the agenda or whether the Committee will pursue a formal data model. It has been suggested that it would be better for me respond to MODS/RDF issues via the public MODS listserv.


I look forward to seeing further development of MODS/RDF, and wish the Committee every success in their endeavours.