Dear MODS community:


Jenn Riley has recently stepped down as chair of the MODS Editorial Committee. We all would like to thank her for her invaluable contribution to the maintenance and development of MODS over the past 4 years. She served as chair from the time the committee was established in Oct. 2008 until now. For the sake of continuity, I have agreed to take over as chair of the committee. We are almost ready to issue a draft schema for an incremental release of MODS, version 3.5, that will include several changes that have previously been discussed.  One of the things we will be working on is coordinating MODS developments with work on the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative. In addition, we will be soliciting opinions from the community on some problematic areas of MODS and how they might be enhanced or revised. So stay tuned to future messages concerning changes in version 3.5 and areas for discussion.




Rebecca S. Guenther

Network Development & MARC Standards Office

Library of Congress

Washington, DC 20540

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