Responding to various recent threads ..

I have changed “Fox, Christine, $c Dr.” to “Fox, Christine $c (Educator)

Re George F. Black vs. George Fraser Black, Mary Mastraccio wrote “I interpret the instructions that it is better to retain a 1xx if the form of the name is justified in a 670.”

I propose that we retain the 1XX unless it is quickly evident that the 1XX is not RDA, and not do extensive research if the heading could go either way.  As contrast to George F./George Frasier, who wrote under both forms, I recently changed “Polevoĭ, Boris Nikolaevich” to “Polevoĭ, Boris” and “Moore, Wilbert Ellis” to “Moore, Wilbert E.”   In both cases, the immediately available information showed a clear preference for the less full form.   I didn’t establish without doubt that the fuller form was never used, but it certainly looked that way.

When doing these changes, are we supposed to flag references from the pre-RDA form with $w nna (pre-AACR2 form) or $w nne (earlier established (e.g. AACR2 form))?   Though these codes are in the NACO manual and the MARC documentation, I believe that they date from an earlier stage of machine manipulation and couldn’t find reference to them in instructions about evaluating headings for RDA.