I agree that this use of "Works. Selections" is likely to puzzle the user community.   Years ago, I developed a theory that things that are difficult to explain to new catalogers are unlikely to be intuitive to users.   The general concept of uniform titles is high on the list of things that new catalogers don't expect to find in the catalog.  Collective uniform titles are even stranger than other types, and added entries for collective uniform titles are ... words fail me.  I base this on more than 30 years of experience training catalogers, both MLS graduates and support staff.







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Actually, it's not the $e that concerns us. Rather, it's the addition of "$t Works. $k Selections" to a personal name heading because a book includes images of an artist's work (That type of book would represent about 99% of our collection.) The uniform title "Works Selections" means nothing to our user community. Even in a post-MARC world, I'm having a hard time imaging how it could be useful. What am I missing?

Thanks again.

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Recently, and more frequently, I've been seeing the following type of 700 in RDA records for artists' monographs:


700 12 artist's name, $e artist. $k Works. $t Selections.


Presumably this access point is justified by Chapter 6, but can someone please help me understand how it's useful?

One rationale might that there's nowhere else in the present bib record nor in the related work's (eventual?) authority record to post the specific relationship between the creator and the work.

Slipping a designator in the access point itself--despite the legality of the $e under MARC--isn't justified by the instructions on building AAPs following RDA 6.27ff..

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