Before you go establishing George Black, he is already in the NAF, amazingly as a unique personal name (LCCN n  88612504).  Unfortunately, the library that established the name in 1988 didn't transcribe all the helpful identifying information on the t.p.  I have updated the NAR.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] RDA for this author?

I am finishing up the RDA NACO training modules. I'm not certified on RDA yet. I need to create a personal name heading for a person who edited books for Ward, Lock and Co. in Edinburgh, from sometime in the 1880's to sometime in the early 20th century. I say "sometime in the 1880's" because the unfortunate thing is that Ward, Lock and Co. had the bad habit of not putting dates on their books during that decade. So it's difficult to determine just when his editorial work started. His name was George Black, and the title pages often have this usage: "George Black, M.B. Edin." That addition, or a variation on it, has been used by a lot of catalogers. He also authored, for that company, the book "The young wife's advice book."

Today I thought it might be useful to ponder how RDA would mandate setting up the heading. My understanding that M.B. Edin. would not be permitted in a subfield c. Dates don't seem to be very useful for this heading. I don't know if any occupational terms or "field of activity" terms are very useful. (Editor) would seem awfully general, though I suppose it could break a conflict. Also, he wasn't strictly an editor since he also authored that book and one other. Is a subfield c like "Author of The young wife's advice book" still allowable?

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