Dear Barbara, 

Thank you for your message below.  I'm writing to express my regret that I can't be at your party today--I'm in Denver at a conference, preparing to do an RDA workshop tomorrow for the Middle East Librarians Association.  By the way, I've been asked to go to Beirut for a week next spring to teach RDA at the American University there.  As you see, it has taken over my life--you've have left an indelible stamp.

I will miss you, and hope that you do start a blog.  I hope to retire to California myself in a few months, and it would be nice to keep in touch with your activities.

Bon voyage--
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Subject: Fond Farewell from Tillett

Dear PCC:
Friday, November 16 is my last day at LC (actually my final day on the books is November 30, but I will be taking some vacation time for Thanksgiving and the final week of November), but I will be continuing on as the JSC Chair (for RDA) through December 2013 and staying in touch with Dave Reser, who is the new LC representative to the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA.  He will also take over from me to provide the LC reports at each ALA Conference for CC:DA (Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access).

The other descriptive cataloging policy work will continue with all of our outstanding cataloging policy specialists, especially Kate James a "newish" member to PSD  that many of you will soon come to know well.  This includes the NACO support that is continued by Ana Cristan as PSD's liaison to the Cooperative and Instructional Division (COIN) that working together with Kate and Dave (and building on documentation developed by Judy Kuhagen) as well as others in PSD, have developed excellent resources for training and implementing RDA at LC and within PCC.

Beacher Wiggins will replace me on the VIAF Council with Ana Cristan continuing as backup LC contact.

All of the LCC and LCSH work and the SACO support will continue with our subject policy specialists.

Our Data Integrity Section will continue to process the monthly lists for LCSH and LCC and provide needed database maintenance under the continued leadership of Ron Goudreau.

Our product support team will continue to improve and respond to questions about Cataloger's Desktop and Classification Web as well as maintain our PSD Web sites.

And the overall running of the Policy and Standards Division will be in the capable hands of Tom Yee, formerly our Assistant Chief for the Policy & Standards Division and more recently Acting Chief for ASME (Asian and Middle Eastern Division).

As you can see, I am leaving all our good work on cataloging policy in good hands to help you all in the years to come.

I am very excited about the future direction we are going with RDA as linked data for the future and the work to develop a new Bibliographic Framework beyond MARC, to keep libraries vital in the coming years.  I will be eagerly watching and hopefully contributing in new ways to all those endeavors.

I'll also try to be more active on the RDA-L listserv as the JSC Chair, and it was suggested that I start a blog to share my activities and travels with everyone…we shall see!  It's been great working with you all for these nearly 19 years at LC and even before when I was at University of California, San Diego with the precursors to PCC.  Keep up the great work! - Barbara

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