Duke Universtiy Libraries is a NACO library and uses LTI for authority control.  We joined NACO and began using LTI the same year (2000) and see the two as complementary.   LTI has relieved us of most of the routine work of matching headings on copy to the LCNAF, and of updating the catalog as the LCNAF changes.  We can focus our authority control efforts on NACO contributions, which make LTI processing yet better.  


I would be happy to answer any specific questions that you have, and you can read about our authority control procedures at:






Amy Turner

Original Cataloger and Authority Control Coordinator

Duke University Libraries


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Subject: [PCCLIST] Authority control services for NACO libraries


We are a NACO library, and we are currently exploring the idea of using a vendor for some of our routine authority control operations.


I am interested in knowing whether or not there are other NACO libraries who are using vendors for ongoing authority work and what your experiences have been.


If you are more comfortable contacting me off-list, please donít hesitate to do so.


Thanks very much for your help.


Lisa Bodenheimer

Cataloging Unit Head

R.M. Cooper Library

Clemson University

Clemson, SC 29634-3001

864-656-1769 (voice)

864-656-0758 (fax)

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