Just a note on this, not taking a position on whether all AACR2 records need to be recoded (though in my own practice I intend to update and recode all authority records linked to RDA PCC records I create). But all authorized access points used in newly created or revised PCC bibliographic records need to be in RDA form after “day one”, and this includes more than just the phase 1 records with the 667 warning. The lack of a 667 does not mean the AACR2 heading automatically will be RDA compliant. We certainly need to be careful when converting records that contain the 667, and these are more likely than others to need changes to the 1XX, but all AACR2 headings need to be evaluated and may need to be changed even if there is no 667. An obvious example is personal names with relationship words such as Jr. or III or fils that would not have been given as part of the AACR2 heading but should be in the RDA authorized access point. None of these records will have the 667 in them but still need to be changed.




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... and any existing established headings coded as AACR2 must be updated to RDA before being used.

By the way, does this apply to *all* AACR2 authority records post-3/31/13?  I'm thinking here of the remaining 90% of the name and title records.  Although the access points are kosher under RDA, I don't think I've read any practice or policy on what PCC libraries should(n't) do when encountering these.

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