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A special note to all of you which I’m adding to this general announcement which has gone out to a number of lists.  Remember that with your NACO authorizations, you have had the ability, as announced in August 2011, to edit and replace “pcc” records in WorldCat.  So, the announcement here is aimed more at staff who do not have NACO or National Level Enhance authorization, but rather full level cataloging authorizations for WorldCat.  If you have questions, please let me know. 





New CIP Upgrade functionality added to the Expert Community


OCLC is pleased to announce to our cataloging members that additional functionality has been added to the Expert Community to enable upgrading of Cataloging in Publication (CIP) records by member libraries, even when they are coded “pcc” in the 042 field. 


OCLC has previously excluded all records that were coded as being Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC BIBCO records) from Expert Community replaces.  Library of Congress CIP records (DLC Encoding Level 8 records) were not being coded as “pcc” at the time the Expert Community began, but are currently routinely coded in this manner.  Not being able to permanently upgrade master records in WorldCat for LC CIP has long been a source of frustration for catalogers.  OCLC has heard this frustration and is responding by adding new functionality to enable upgrading of CIP.  Records coded as “pcc” with other encoding levels continue to be excluded from Expert Community replaces. 


Beginning today, November 5, 2012, catalogers using full level (or higher) OCLC cataloging authorizations will be able to edit/upgrade all fields in LC CIP records that may be edited in other non-pcc master records with one exception.  That exception is that the encoding level coding may not be changed.  It will remain “8” until an official CIP upgrade is loaded to WorldCat from LC, from a CIP upgrade partner, or is changed by an institution with National Level Enhance authorization.   The entire record may be upgraded as needed, including description and subject cataloging; only the encoding level may not be changed.  When upgrading a CIP record, never remove correct and accurate information from a master record simply because your institution does not find it useful.  This includes LC or Dewey Decimal classification numbers, LC or other subject headings, or other useful fields such as summaries or table of contents information.


Using a full level authorization, catalogers may lock, edit, and then replace the LC CIP records when using Connexion Browser or Client.  When using the Client, catalogers may just edit and replace without the first step of “lock” if desired, to upgrade LC CIP. 


OCLC suggests that libraries wishing to upgrade CIP view OCLC’s CIP upgrade specifications linked off this page:

For further information on the Expert Community see:


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Cynthia M. Whitacre

Manager, WorldCat Quality & Partner Content Dept.


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