A number of people will no doubt agree that I’m not the appropriate person to perform analysis of the findings, but I can work to provide the raw data that others better qualified can study. I’m presently shooting for having the web site up around the beginning of the year. But as I mentioned, if anyone has a burning question about the frequency and contents of a particular subfield in the meantime, I can probably help.

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  Roy, thanks for this. Have you done a comparison to the Moen data? ( which is about ten years old or more now) It would be interesting to see how WorldCat has changed. Moen also did stats just on LC-created records. What I think we would see is the influence of the addition of so many non-US libraries. Well, maybe it's more like "I wonder if we would see..."
On 12/7/12 2:46 PM, Roy Tennant wrote:
WorldCat Tag Occurrence At the suggestion of a colleague, to potentially assist in prioritizing
 efforts, I'm making available the tag occurrence table for WorldCat as of 1
 December 2012 on Google Drive[1]. We have a web site in development that
 will expose this as well as, for some subfields, an ordered list of the
 contents. Meanwhile, if anyone has a burning question about a particular
 field and subfield, I'll see what we can do to answer it.
 You will notice that there are a number of fantasy tags. This simply reports
 on what we can find in WorldCat, it makes no claims about the validity of
 the data.
 Roy Tennant
 OCLC Research
 [1] http://bit.ly/WCTags