Kevin Ford asked:

>It might not *always* be correct (perhaps it does boil down to a
binding >difference only), but from what we're seeing creating
Instances based on >differing ISBNs is right nearly all of the time.

It seems to me a great disservice to patrons to clutter the database
with multiple records for the same content.  It would complicate holds
and ILL.  Binding differences are better suited to item records.

We go too far in ignoring differences between manifestations with
Provider Neutral (PN) records for e-books.  We don't use differing
DOIs* as the basis for a different record.  But we would be going too
far in the other direction to create different records for hardback,
paperback, library, deluxe binding, etc.

The AACR2 definition of an edition is all copies produced from the
same type image.  That seems a good principle to me, and based on long
term experience.

It seems to me Bibframe is forgetting patrons convenience in this
regard, as well as in omitting punctuation.

*Another important access point not yet in Bibframe.

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