J. McRee Elrod writes:
>>Maybe I'm missing something, but if we capture each subelement in
>>it's own property, there'd be no need to parse a long string with
>>ISBD punctuation.You'd know exactly what was in each, even if you
>>didn't have a display system.
> If it is in Chinese characters,  I don't know where the place ends and
> the publisher begins, nor where the title proper ends and subtitle
> begins.  I only got up the 300 characters and gave up.

I still don't see the issue though: if the semantic data that you parse
out based on punctuation is represented with an explicit predicate in
BIBFRAME why do you need the punctuation, unless you yourself are doing
that conversion:

<> <foo:pubPlace> "北京"@zh_CN
<> <foo:publisher> "北京大学出版社"@zh_CN

Of course in theory Peking University Press will have its own record, so
you wouldn't actually have these literals associated with the particular