Isn't the leader and directory of the MARC record the string that parses data  for MARC fields and when someone mentioned the term "raw", are we talking about something like that for bibframe?

Cindy Wolff

> LeVan,Ralph writes:
>> I have exactly the opposite reaction. Punctuation is either a leftover
>> from producing cards from MARC records and is irrelevant now, or
>> indicates that multiple values have been composed into a single string
>> and the punctuation delimits those values. Either way, I want that
>> punctuation gone.
> As I said in an off list discussion with J. McRee Elrod, punctuation in
> many MARC fields serves to separate semantic elements that will be
> represented separately in BibFrame: the need for punctuation is
> therefore eliminated.
> Do not confuse punctuation used to /display/ a set of data with
> punctuation used to /encode/ that data in a 50 year old system. While
> current general-purpose RDF displays show separate fields, nothing says
> a domain-specific system (e.g., an ILS) can't display the same
> information in a more compact or natural way.
> -tree