Too bad it's not that simple (publisher binding vs library binding). The second ISBN may be for the paperback, with new introductory material, updates, corrections, better indexing, etc.


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Kevin Ford asked:

>If ISBNs are used as "splitting" points - meaning that two BIBFRAME 
>Instances would be created from the one MARC bib record in the above 
>example - where does the LCCN go?  Neither Instance? The first
Instance created from splitting the ISBNs from the 020? Both

A different binding does not a new manifestation (aka instance) make, so both ISBNs should be associated with a single instance.

We don't want to get into trying to disguish between publisher binding and library rebinding.  The content is unchanged.

Let's not confuse manifestations with items.

If contrary to bibliographic logic two records are created. the LCCN should be associated with both.

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