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> Thanks for adding the prettier display!
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>> I had overlooked the code related to the Zepheira python program that
>> produces a regular bibliographic display.
> Although Zepheira would like to claim full credit for it, Exhibit was
> actually developed as part of the MIT Simile project in David Karger's
> group.  

The MIT Simile project was a Mellon funded project between MIT Libraries, W3C and CSAIL. MacKenzie Smith (formally MIT now UC Davis), myself and David Karger (CSAIL) were PIs. The original developer of Exhibit was David Huynh with help from Stefano Mazzocchi and Ryan Lee.  

The Exhibit3 project was a follow-up LC funded project between MIT Libraries, Zepheira and CSAIL to re-work / update the dated Exhibit code base. Ryan Lee (Zepheira) was the lead developer for Exhibit3 with help this time around from David Huynh, Stefano Mazzocchi and others.

While David Huynh was certainly the driving force behind the Exhibit work, in any project that includes multiple organizations, crosses different departments, spans multiple years and involves several people, the deliverables are always a team effort. Exhibit is no different in this regard. Whats made this project particularly interesting is opportunity to be able to work with the same groups of great people (regardless of the organizational changes) for nearly 10 years.

BUT, whats been even more useful (from BIBFRAME perspective) is being able to leverage some off shelf, robust, open source tools to help do things like quickly create useful interfaces for exploring BIBFRAME data.

> Somewhere along the line the MIT copyright got "lost."

The Exhibit3 code was a rewrite, but as it involved all of the original team, we carried over bits of the original code. LC stipulated a BSD license and we collectively agreed to this position. That said, the issue you raise regarding the 'lost' license is an interesting point re dual licensing (of roughly the same license) and one that will be followed up in the issue thread.

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