Hi everyone,

I just published an article in the latest issue of Code4Lib, “Building a Library App Portfolio with Redis and Django” (, on our new Redis Library Services Platform that is based on the BIBFRAME model.  I’ve been following with much interest the preliminary work being done here to convert MARC to BIBFRAME and we take a somewhat different approach parsing MARC21 records into a BIBFRAME-based Redis datastore. The Redis Library Services Platform is being developed and used here at Colorado College.


Because of Redis’s flexibility, I’ve been able to use RDA element names as either discrete properties for each BIBFRAME entity or as part of the naming scheme for the BIBFRAME entity’s associated keys.  A nice feature of this approach is that we are not restricted to just RDA but we can use other metadata standards (MODS, DC, ONIX, VRACore, etc.) as discrete properties or as part of the Redis key naming schema for the BIBFRAME entities. We are also using a simplistic mapping of FRBR Work and Expressions to BIBFRAME Creative Work, along with FRBR Manifestation and Item to the BIBFRAME Instance, which is different than what others are doing on this list.


I would be very interested in getting feedback from this group and I would be happy to answer any questions both on and off this list.



Jeremy Nelson

Metadata and Systems Librarian

Colorado College

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