Mac Elrod wrote:

> Tom created a prototype entry screen:
> Main Author
> Title Proper
> Other Title
> Statement of Responsibility
> Place of Publication
> Publisher
> Date of Publication
> Extent
> Illustrations
> Size
> Umm.  Where is the distinction between surname and forename entry,
> required by MARC?  Corporate main entry vs. personal main entry?
> This type of entry screen would work for a minority of the material we
> catalogue.
> I still like those numbers.

I thank Tom Meehan for posting his wonderful mockup (not prototype), which is only as illustration of the *kind* of thing that could (i.e., should) be done.  I didn't take it as a proposal of exactly the elements that would be contained in a production environment.  This is a great illustration of how we should be able to have data input in a non-MARC, non-HTML web form, and get output in whatever format is needed (MARC, XML, etc.).  I would assume that the flavor of such a tool many catalogers will choose to employ will have separate boxes for all the specific RDA elements.

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