Mac Elrod wrote:
>Tom created a prototype entry screen:
>Main Author
>Title Proper 
>Other Title  
>Statement of Responsibility
>Place of Publication
>Date of Publication  
> Umm.  Where is the distinction between surname and forename entry, required by MARC?  Corporate main entry vs. personal main entry?
Did you try entering a value (lc control no) in the author box? This number (therefore international, unambiguous, and not subject to the same degree of change as specific MARC mark-up for LC Authorities) is used by the mock-up to fetch the linked data from LC, which the programme uses to produce the MARC display on the right. It does have a stab at recognising surname vs first name entry, although admittedly it doesn't yet code corporate bodies correctly. Given more time, I would have liked to implement that as well as to add a manual author input for unauthorised headings as well. However, I had to stop somewhere and it makes the point I wanted to make.
> This type of entry screen would work for a minority of the material we catalogue.
This would work on a minority of material we catalogue too: to be blunt, it would work on none. As other commenters pointed out, this is merely a mock-up I created for training and demonstration purposes. I am no great coder, and am certainly not a user-interface designer: there is barely any CSS on this for starters. Put into the hands of people who are, I can't see why something really useful and powerful can't be created (and why it hasn't been created already).

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