Kevin M. Randall wrote:

> ...knowing MARC.  My point is that we're requiring people to learn a language that they really shouldn't have to learn.
>Programmers should know it; managers should know it; but lower level cataloging assistants shouldn't have to know it.

        Why would anyone have a lower level cataloging assistant messing with the substance of a catalog record -- other than maybe something like copy/pasting a call number as needed?!  Those staff who would be doing any substantive editing of a bibliographic record should understand the structure, and everybody else should not be touching those records!  I don't see a valid case for dumbing down the system in this way.

> ... There should be no reason for us to require student assistants helping out in the Catalog Dept. to learn the MARC tags.

        Well, how about the possibility of those students actually becoming interested in the library profession?  I seem to recall being completely intrigued with such knowledge a 'few' years ago (few is relative).

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