Hi Allyson,

I am a practitioner who's always wanted to teach cataloging and metadata
(someday). So, I like following this list.

As someone who's worked with non-MARC (and MARCXML) metadata for 5 years,
I've been able to see how important it is to have a good foundation in
cataloging, and especially the MARC format.

We frequently reuse MARC data for our digital projects and having someone
on the team with a deep understanding of MARC and how it's been used has
been a contribution I've been able to make with 18 years cataloging
experience before becoming a metadata librarian.

The important thing is seeing MARC as data and, in particular, data that
needs to be harvested/extracted and reused. So, less of an emphasis on
creating cataloging data from scratch.

The transition away from MARC will be gradual and new students will have to
oversee this transition in their work when they graduate. So, I guess what
I'm trying to say is that MARC needs to be studied as a continuing
important part of cataloging education.



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