I received a request for information on costs associated with seismic
surveys, and I'm hoping someone on the list can help me with suggestions
where I should look and/or who I should contact. I'm including some text
that is directly from the library user, as he can better explain his
information needs:

"What we are trying to estimate is what the incremental cost increase would
be by implementing the proposed mitigation, primarily passive acoustic
monitoring (PAM), in the Atlantic EIS. Essentially a "total Survey Cost
WITHOUT the use of PAM" vs a "Total Survey Cost WITH the use of PAM."  Were
looking for any citable and/or current data that might give us cost
estimates for the different components associated with conducting a typical
seismic survey. This could include *but is certainly not limited *to things
such as:

- seismic vessel day rates (maybe info on what is factored into the day
- mobilization cost
- fuel cost (this may or may not be factored into day rates)
- mobilization and demobilization cost
- data processing cost
- any cost associated with the installation and use of PAM (tech rates,
rental fees, etc.)
- protected species observer rates

Ultimately, we are trying to calculate the overall average cost of a
typical 2D or 3D survey ($/line mile) based on current rates and see how
requiring the company to use passive acoustic monitoring will increase the
cost of overall survey."

I appreciate any help and suggestions that you can provide.

Thank you,


Stephen Pomes, M.L.I.S., Librarian


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