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It is our pleasure to introduce you to a new search feature at the DOE Technology Transfer website. For the first time, users can search tech transfer information across the DOE national laboratories from a single search box.  In addition, please join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Science.gov and delve into the “cool things” happening at the site. Learn how the nation’s research libraries are using DOE R&D results, where you can find Green Energy full-text reports, and how partnerships with Google and other commercial search engines make DOE R&D more broadly available.

Issue Contents

January/February 2013

DOE Tech Transfer Site Features First-of-its-Kind Search Capability

Happy 10th Anniversary, Science.gov

Information Bridge Records in Library Catalogs–MARC Format at No Cost

Find DOE Green Energy R&D Results

Collaboration with Commercial Search Engines to Extend Reach of DOE R&D

Meet Assistant Director Mark Martin

DOE Science Showcase

Statistically Speaking: Who Uses OSTI?

The Department of Energy conducts more than $10 billion a year in research and development. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) helps ensure a return on these DOE investments by collecting, preserving and disseminating DOE-sponsored R&D results.

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