If interested….

Please contact Mr. Timothy Thomas at the US Army's Foreign Military Studies Office, [log in to unmask].


Free Books on Chinese and Russian Cyber Issues!!

Mr. Timothy Thomas at the US Army's Foreign Military Studies Office has

authored two books that may be of interest to listserv members.

They are a book on Chinese cyber operations titled "The Dragon's Quantum Leap

(2009)," and a book on current Russian thinking that includes cyber operations

titled "Recasting the Red Star (2011)."

The books are FREE AS IS THE SHIPPING. Both works are UNCLASSIFIED.

If you would like copies for your library, there are two options available.

First, if only a few copies are required, send an e-mail with a mailing

address and the number of copies requested to [log in to unmask].

Second, if faculty or students would like to receive their own copies, Mr.

Thomas can provide boxes of books for the library to distribute.

There are 40 copies per box of "The Dragon's Quantum Leap" and 28 copies per

box of "Recasting the Red Star."

Again, follow the same format, send an e-mail to

[log in to unmask] with the number of boxes requested and a

mailing address.

Our office has plenty of books on hand, so do not hesitate to ask for extra


Thanks for your consideration of this offer.


Dawn Humphrey, MLS
Systems Librarian
National Defense University Library
300 5th Ave., Bldg. 62
Ft. McNair
Washington, D.C.  20319-5066
(202) 685-3971