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Subject: NISO Open Teleconference for January 14: SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding


Dear NISO community,


NISO will initiate its monthly open teleconference series in 2013 this coming Monday, January 14th at 3:00 PM Eastern time. 


This month, we will be discussing SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding, which is a NISO Recommended Practice updated and published in June 2012. This revised version of SERU is intended to broaden its use beyond e-journals.   The SERU Recommended Practice and a fully revised website intended to help potential audiences better use SERU are available at


Adam Chesler, Library Relations Director at Business Expert Press and co-chair of the NISO SERU Standing Committee that updated the best practice, will be on the teleconference and will be discussing the Standing Committee's work and process and be able to answer any questions about the revision.


When SERU was initially adopted as a NISO Recommended Practice in 2008, its focus was on e-journal transactions, and the parties involved were primarily libraries and publishers. Since then, with the many emerging models for acquisition of e-books, both libraries and e-book providers have requested that other types of electronic resources be incorporated into the SERU framework. This updated version of SERU recognizes both the importance of making SERU more flexible for those who want to expand its use beyond e-journals and the fact that consensus for other types of e-resource transactions are not as well-established as they are for e-journals. In those instances where there is as yet no standard expectation, a shared understanding may still be achieved if expectations are clearly articulated in the purchase order that accompanies SERU.


The call is free and anyone is welcome to participate.  To join, simply dial 877-375-2160 and enter the code: 17800743#. All calls are held from 3-4 p.m. Eastern time.


The Open Teleconferences are an quick way to get an update on the status of a NISO initiative.  The calls are informal and questions and discussion is welcome. Following the featured discussion, there is also an opportunity for the NISO community to bring up any issue or topic of interest.  This is an excellent time for you to raise any concerns, project ideas, or suggestions of focus for NISO in the coming year. 


If you are unable to join us, this call will be recorded and made freely available on the NISO website following the event—as are all of the Open Teleconferences.  For more information or to listen to the previous call discussions, please visit: or


We hope that you can join us.





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