My apologies for cross-posting but if any federal or military libraries have experience with this we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk to you.  Many thanks in advance for your time.




From: Moule, Valerie (Val) (CIV)
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 4:24 PM
To: Marlatt, Greta (CIV)
Subject: Question re: Federal Libraries use of Some Outside Resources for Disaster Recovery Assistance


Hi Greta –


  We are preparing our Library Disaster Plan and are using a template that other libraries (academic and public) have used.  Our examples include libraries that list two resources for disaster assistance:


·         WESTPAS:


·         California Preservation Program:


   Each of these assistance organizations offer training courses, disaster assistance (number to call for advice if there is a library collection disaster) and consulting services.  It appears that most services are free.  In the case of Cal Preservation:


The California Preservation Program assists all kinds of cultural institutions in the event of a disaster via phone and email. If you need someone to come onsite, in most cases that would be charged at our daily rate plus any expenses (ca $1500). Most times we can be assistance for free over the phone. Barclay Ogden is at UC Berkeley library and could be onsite relatively quickly. I am in San Diego. We may be able to get other local people to you quickly.


   I asked our contracting office if we were allowed to use these services as a federal, military library.  I am not sure if we accept the free services, or how we would pay for services with a fee.  I also did not know if any type of formal, written agreements need to be in place.


   I was asked if other federal (especially military) libraries used these or other similar services (east coast version of WESTPAS or other state resources)?  Is there a way you can post my question to your network to see if anyone has experience/knowledge that would help us?


Thank you!



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