I was recently asked to assist the institutional knowledge working group at HUD that is trying to determine how to retain some of the deep knowledge that is held by retiring employees.  HUD has officially started it’s retirement wave and no longer has the most employees that could retire tomorrow, but rather has seen a large portion of their employees actually retiring.  Unfortunately they hadn’t really started any process for retaining/transferring knowledge before the retirement wave started and is hoping to start taking some measures soon in this area.  Do any of your libraries have any role in these kinds of projects or have any strategies or ideas?  I was wondering if any of your libraries specifically were doing anything on this topic as I investigate what the HUD Library’s role will be in this effort.


Thank you,


Tanya Whippie


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 7th St SW, Room 8141

Washington, DC 20410

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