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Statistics Sources : a subject guide to data on industrial, business, social, educational, financial, and other topics for the U.S. and internationally.  18th ed., 1995.  2 volumes

Encyclopedia buying guide : a consumer guide to general encyclopedias in print.  3rd ed., 1981.  1 volume

American Book Trade Directory.  35th ed., 1989-1990.  1 volume

Publishers, Distributors & Wholesalers of the U.S. 1993-1994 : a directory of publishers, distributors, associations, wholesalers, software producers and manufacturers listing editorial and ordering addresses, and an ISBN publisher prefix index.  1993.  2 volumes

Directory of publishing opportunities in journals and periodicals.  5th ed., c1981  1 volume

Information industry directory : an international guide to organizations, systems, and services involved in the production and distribution of information in electronic form.   15th ed., 1995.  2 volumes

Alternatives in print, 6th ed., 1980.  1 volume

Best encyclopedias.  1986.  1 volume

The language of the foreign book trade: abbreviations, terms, phrases.  2nd ed., 1962.  1 volume

Libraries, information centers and databases in science and technology : a world guide 1st edition.  1984.  1 volume

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