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We had a discussion some time ago about how to mark transliterations. The suggestion was to add another title type @transliteration.

The suggestion was to allow the value "transliterated" on the attribute @type.

However, the MODS Editorial Committee didn't believe this was the appropriate solution, since the other title types can also be transliterations, and you can't repeat the attribute.

You can't repeat an attribute, that's true, but you can allow an attribute to carry more than one value.

The present schema also has a need for this, since @type with the value "uniform"", alternative" or "abbreviated" may also need a @type of "translated". One could thus have a @type on <titleInfo> with the value "translated uniform", just as one could have a @type with the value "transliterated uniform".




The MODS Editorial Committee decided that the suggested way of handling these situations is to use the transliteration attribute with a value "unspecified" (if a specified value is not known, but it is desirable to mark it as a transliteration). If a user wishes to give fuller information then this can be done locally. In addition, the MODS Editorial Committee will be discussing fuller support of extensions, but this is a broader discussion. This solution will be documented in the MODS User Guidelines and does not require a schema change.


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