Dear Paul:

Thank you for letting us know, Paul.
We will schedule a time when the three of us cataloguers can do this soon.

Best and thanks very much again,

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Hi Allison (and Amy!),


The PCC Standing Committee on Training (SCT) and the RDA Series Training Task Group are making the RDA in NACO Series "Bridge" training materials available now for general PCC use.


The task group has a monumental charge-- not only is it charged to create these RDA in NACO Series "Bridge" training materials (that is the task group's first deliverable); the group is also creating complete "ground-up" series training for those new to series work, and with no AACR2 experience; and, finally, the group is working with PCC series policies. In among all of that, the group has even begun to work on RDA series review guidelines. But those guidelines are not quite in place. Still, the SCT and the task group did not want to hold off on posting the "Bridge" training materials, since there is such a big interest in them.  


For now, I suggest you treat the RDA in NACO "Bridge" training materials informally as additional RDA PCC training, and watch for announcements about a more formal review process in the near future.


Amy, I think PCC NACO training will be delivered as online learning more and more in the future, but there is no moratorium on the traditional face-to-face training. In fact, I anticipate some traditional classroom training once the RDA NACO Training Task Group (yes, another RDA task group!) completes its work in February 2013.   






Paul Frank

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Library of Congress

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