Very sad news.  Please excuse duplication.


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Hello ACATers,

I received sad news today from Sandy Hirsh, Director of the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. Dr. Robert Ellett passed away suddenly this morning.
Here is her message:


I have just received some very sad news.  Dr. Robert Ellett passed away suddenly this morning.   Dr. Ellett was a tremendous colleague and mentor, and a great instructor in our School.   He will be missed by us all!  SLIS will be honoring Dr. Ellett once we get more details.  However, I wanted to let you know about this now.  I am shocked, as I am sure you are.   We will be in touch about a change of instructor for his Libr 248 classes; unfortunately we will have to cancel his 1 unit RDA class -Libr 287-17.

I am sorry to have to share such sad news. 

Dr. Hirsh"

I was one of Dr. Ellett's students at SJSU. He was an amazing professor and gifted cataloger.

Denise Kane


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