To clarify one of Robert's questions:

The PCC had asked ALA to propose a revision to RDA to include this language, "Consider all online resources published." John Attig, the ALA representative to the JSC, took this as a fast-track proposal to the JSC's meeting last November and the proposal was approved. The instructions at will be changed and the sentence "Consider all online resources to be published" will be added. So, Robert, that is why you can't currently find this information in RDA but why the PCC was confident enough to include it as part of their guidelines.

 (I probably should know when the text in the RDA toolkit will be updated with the changes that were approved by the JSC in November, but off the top of my head I don't).


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Page 10, 264$a Notes "All online resources are considered published" 
RDA does not say this and so far as I can tell there is no RDA equivalent to 9.4B2 in RDA. 
We still need some clarification of production vs. publication where it involves electronic resources. For example, the ProQuest digital dissertation is not something I would consider published; it  is produced by the university and distributed in electronic form by ProQuest. No actual publication has occurred, only a distribution. 

I know this will not be an issue for most resources that fall under PN guidelines. However, the blanket statement to consider all online resources published could be misleading.