Dear Celine and other PCC list readers,

Happy New Year! I hope my message makes the new year just a little bit happier.

The RDA series "bridge" training materials will be posted to the Cataloger's Learning Workshop this week, and I will send out an announcement when the materials are up and available.

The SCT RDA Series Training Task Group<> (Carl Horne, Indiana University, chair) has been working very hard to develop these materials for the PCC community-- it is an amazing accomplishment. The task group also is working on "complete" RDA series training (geared towards those with no series cataloging experience), and on identifying areas where PCC RDA series policies are necessary, and making recommendations for those areas.

And Chamya Kincy (SCT co-chair) and I cannot resist this opportunity to mention some other impressive accomplishments of three other SCT RDA task groups:

The SCT Task Group on RDA Training Materials<> (Larisa Walsh, University of Chicago, chair) identified a wealth of RDA training materials, and those materials have been posted to the Catalogers Learning Workshop page:

The SCT RDA Records Task Group<> (George Prager, New York University Law Library, chair) selected and annotated 138 RDA record examples (bibliographic and authority) for PCC training and educational purposes. The records are posted on the Catalogers Learning Workshop page:

The SCT RDA NACO Training Task Group<> (Lori Robare, University of Oregon, chair) is developing a complete RDA replacement for the traditional AACR2 NACO training workshop. The materials will be used for new PCC NACO members with no authority experience. There are many new PCC NACO members waiting for this training, which will be available early this year.

So 2013 should be a good year for RDA!


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Dear all,

Does anyone know about any RDA training for series authority work? I cannot find any information on the latest work of the SCT RDA Series Training Task Group, but their original charge said the "bridge" training would be on the Cataloger's Learning Workshop in November 2012.

Any idea on the progress of this task group or the likely date of publication of any series training? Here in Cambridge we're trying to factor this into our already full training schedule for 2013.

Thanks in advance,



CÚline Carty

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