There appears to be a discrepancy between PCC instructions on order of subfields on the 040 and the OCLC instructions.

From OCLC BibFormat:

e Description conventions The rules for descriptive cataloging used to create the record, other than AACR2, AACR1, ALA 1908, ALA 1941, or ALA 1949. Use to indicate use of AACR2-based manuals approved by the Library of Congress or by ALA. See the code list for Description Convention Source Codes ( ). If you are using your own descriptive conventions, enter your OCLC symbol in subfield e. Enter subfield e immediately after subfield a.

However, PCC instructs that $e should follow $b. Since the above omits mention of $b entirely, I'm assuming it's an oversight, and the OCLC instructions have not been revised since use of $b eng has become more widespread. The cataloger in question has been doing DCRM(B) cataloging, and has just begun working in RDA. The non-RDA copy she's seeing consistently has $e before $b.

I would hope that it would be one way or the other, regardless of whether RDA or BIBCO cataloging was being performed. I don't see a strong reason for PCC to differ in this regard from other cataloging going on in Connexion.

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