The PCC BIBCO RDA Webinars supporting RDA “bridge” training for BIBCO institutions completed the first round of sessions in December 2012.  The four webinars correspond to the Library of Congress’ RDA descriptive cataloging Modules 1-4.  The PCC Secretariat is recording the BIBCO RDA webinars and is making these materials available:

·        Links to recordings of each webinar (approximately 60-90 minutes)

·        Highlights from each module

·        Exercises from each module

·        Questions from webinar participants and answers by LC and other PCC RDA presenters


Anyone interested in viewing recordings of these RDA descriptive cataloging webinars and the accompanying documents will find them at a Public Discussion Board for BIBCO RDA Online Training.*


There is no need to register simply to view and save the documents posted here.  To “Contribute” comments on the public discussion board, it will be necessary to “register” as a visitor in the iCohere software environment. 


Additional webinar recordings and documents will be posted to the site as further monthly sets of BIBCO RDA webinars are completed in 2013.


*This site ( is a Public Discussion Board within iCohere software, an online training product used at the Library of Congress.



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