On 08/02/2013, Lou Judson wrote:

> Electrostatic speakers have no enclosure. They are not infinite baffle
> unless installed in a will.
> Infiniet baffle is a technical term that means none of the sound from
> the back comes to a listener in the front.

Strictly speaking, yes. However, a large baffle can be very near to
infinite in practice. Frequencies down to about 80 Hz can be controlled,
and below that, in most living rooms there are so many complications from
room effects that it is hard to say what is happening to the sound.
> For example, in my teen years I put speakers in the walls of the
> living room that had the attic behind them. Infinite baffle. No front
> vents. <L>

A good way to mount Tannoy dual-concentrics, I would think. One risk is
that the speakers would be firing straight down one axis of the room,
which makes resonances more likely. But perhaps you mounted them at an

Strictly speaking, unless your attic was infinite in volume, this is
another "large baffle". And can one speaker act as a passive cone for
the other (if the big drum is all in one channel, for instance) ?

Don Cox
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