I've done this and I'd say it's 90+% reliable. There's also an option to save the pages as images, 
also buried deep, and that's nearly 100% reliable but makes a larger PDF file.

Someone asked me off-list, does PDF preserve the transistions and stacked-image sequences. Not that 
I can make it do. My advice -- avoid that flashy stuff. Is it really necessary? KISS, and feel the 

-- Tom Fine

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> On 2013-02-25 10:39 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> You can partially solve this problem by saving as Acrobat, because Acrobat attempted to use 
>> generic system fonts if it can't find an obscure font.
> It is even better than that. You can embed the fonts in Acrobat (there is an option when creating 
> a PDF to do that--deep down). In that way, you'll be using the precise fonts that you want, 
> although I'm still not 100 % certain of the reliability of interchange among platforms of the 
> fonts themselves, but it seems pretty good. I should make a Linux machine for testing <smile>.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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