No facts here, just some rambling that might get you to look in another 
direction (or you may already know these pieces).

In the later part of the 1970s, AKG introduced a line of reasonably 
decent phono cartridges. I have one, though I ultimately went back to my 
Stanton 681s because they matched CDs better in AB tests with my RTS 
preamp. I think I have a P8ES, but that is from 30-year-old-plus memory.

Philips in the early 1970s had AKG make versions of the C451 that were 
sold under the Philips name in a non-modular package. I have a pair of 
the omnis.

I do not know the history of Philips' and AKG's relationship, so this is 
all merely speculation, but there are potential ties there. Of course, 
AKG is now part of Harman.



On 2013-02-26 1:52 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Question probably best answered by European listmembers ...
> In the 1980s, Philips turntables, the line that was belt drive but 
> with a quartz DC servo motor driving the belt, were sold in all or 
> most European markets with Philips branded cartridges. Were those 
> actually made by Philips? If not, what company was the OEM? I think 
> sometimes the turntables were sold in the U.S. with Philips cartridges 
> but most seem to have been sold without cartridges.
> Thanks in advance for facts/answers!
> -- Tom Fine

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