I've enjoyed some of the Great Courses series on music...and they run 
frequent sales. Some are downloadable (for less), some are DVD only, 
some are DVD or CD.

There are also many other series not music related.

joe salerno

On 2/27/2013 12:54 PM, rod smear wrote:
> So, would these vinyl recordings be worthwhile for someone like myself,
> who has absolutely no knowledge of classical music? I really want to
> start listening to classical works and begin an appreciation for this
> type of music. It seemed like the FM volumes would be a good start for
> me, but, I just don't know enough about the recording details, i.e. are
> these original recordings or re-recordings, etc. I love the idea of
> collecting each volume, in order, and learning about the recordings and
> the compositions, and enjoying great music. Life is so short and I want
> to hear everything worthwhile. I know there are many on this list who
> can help me with my quest. The "collector" part of me gets excited when
> I have records/titles to obtain, like a "check-list" of sorts. I get to
> save the $$ to buy the records, then the anticipation and excitement of
> opening the records, and then listening, and enjoying and learning, and
> then looking forward to what's next. So, all opinions are very welcome.
> Thanks so much.
> Rod Smear

Joe Salerno