I don't think there is any SACD manufacturing in the USA. THere was capability at Sony's Indiana 
plant when SACD first came out, but as I understand it, only Sony Japan still has SACD 
manufacturing. The discs made in Austria were made by BMG. Universal briefly made SACD in Germany.

-- Tom Fine

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Along the lines of where disks are manufactured, the three SACDs I got from Amazon of Van Cliburn 
and Strauss all had "MADE IN AUSTRIA" on their seals.  Still waiting for "MADE IN U.S.A.".

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> As for getting them cheap,it
> depends.The Dutch pressed CBS Masterworks,on the silver-grey
> label,and the very last DGG Lps,circa 1990-92 are quite
> expensive.Do an artist based search on,and you
> might be surprised.Even the James Levine records of these
> years,can easily bring $50 and up.Others are well into the
> three figures.I wonder if some of this isn't due to the
> Asian market,but still I can tell you they do not turn up
> that much. Oh and as for Angel,the ones to look for are the
> ones that were either pressed in Germany,or the US
> issues,that are translucent grey,brown,or purple when held
> to light.There are some inferior record club pressings out
> there. Roger